I Vow to Live Every Year Like I'm 40!

Today, I turn 41. While every year is a milestone to celebrate (in my case bejeweled with birthday tiara), I’d like to take a moment to recognize that whatever was in the “Turning 40 Kool-Aid”, I want more!

The months leading up to my 40th birthday last year were intense. I learned that my close friend, Dave, at 42 was diagnosed with ALS. My grandmother who raised me—after my parents died in a car accident when I was 11— had a stroke and was declining. And then there was the pink elephant that was out there for me to choose to see or not see. My parents never made it to 40. Here I was having this moment they would never have.

It became clear to me that there was only one sensible response to this 40th birthday introspection. Sign up for a marathon!

Having been running regularly for under a year, I decided this was my way to kick 40’s ass. I trained for five months with some of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met. People who believe they can do anything and with the incredible support they provide each other—they can. I was lucky to become one of them.

When I crossed that finish line in Central Park last November with my family screaming my name, I was overwhelmed by the thought, “What else can I do?” And that’s how I lived every day of my 40th year. I stepped outside of my “great on paper” career to ask, what’s next? I took risks like trusting a career path to which I've always been drawn and launching my business—because I believed in myself. I started my coaching practice so I can help support others on their journeys, take their risks, run their marathons and kick their “whatever age” in the ass.

Now that I’m a year older, I vow to call on the muscle memory of 40—as the fuel I’ll need to get through the tough times still to come and the peace required to enjoy what I’ve created.

41, let’s do this thing!