At my core, I believe that people have the power to change their lives with the choices they make.

And this is why I love what I do. I work with women to help them figure out what choices are right for them. Not for a sister, a colleague or a high school friend who has an Instagram feed that makes your uterus twitch.

I help you figure out what’s right for you so you can have your version of “having it all.” 

Why am I doing this? 

When I first became a mom, I remember talking to many friends and hearing time and again that they felt like they were failing in both their careers and in motherhood.  I found this utterly depressing and at the same time I couldn’t stop thinking about ways to change it. I had structured my life differently than most. Having built credibility in my career in Digital Marketing—I decided to leave my full-time role and instead consult three days a week when my first daughter was born. I was elated! I loved my days with the baby, but I also loved getting out of the house, using my brain in a different way and spending time with adults. I knew after I had my daughter that this was the right choice for me—and I went out and made it happen. 

As a lifelong feminist and a working mother who’s been through this myself—I am certain that supporting women in this critical “spinning plates” phase of parenthood is the key to closing the gender gap in senior leadership and c-suite roles in our country’s workforce.

How did I get here?

After 16 years in Digital Marketing roles for top tier firms like American Express, Scholastic, Reader’s Digest and most recently the Visiting Nurse Service of New York—I decided I needed to finally make the change I’d been inching toward my entire career. 

I became a coach—supporting women, like you, in your careers, helping you find the confidence to step up to be leaders at the office and become clear about the family time that’s important to you. 

I can help you transition to a career that’s more meaningful, step onto a path that may be more flexible while your kids are young or return to work after a gap. 

So, here I am. Your coach, your mentor, your motivator, reporting for duty. You can do this and we can do this together.