This program is for the woman who has made a firm commitment to make a change, make it a priority in her life and is ready to be held accountable to some audacious goals to get there.


  • Waking up on Monday morning, excited to get to work
  • Taking a guilt-free day off to go on your daughter’s first class trip, loving every minute and not checking your phone the whole time
  • Feeling like you have time in the day to finish everything on your list
  • Being driven by a sense of purpose in your life—and feeling peace and gratitude for what you’ve created

Here’s what we’ll cover to get you there:

Reflect – Month 1

  • Crystallize your vision:
    What’s your ideal career?
    What annual salary do you want to make and what are your current financial commitments?
    In which environments do you thrive?
    How much time do you have commit to your goal?
    Do you have a support network to help get you there?
  • Sideline the blocks that are getting in the way of your career goals
  • Maximize your time so that you’re spending more time on things you love and want to do, rather than things you feel you “should” do
  • Reduce the stress and challenges in all areas of your life so you can focus on growing that career that you know you deserve

Redefine – Month 2

  • Identify your strengths, passions, values and creative outlets.
  • Create a mission statement and elevator pitch that sounds like you
  • Build out your personal brand with a resume and LinkedIn profile that will uniquely position you for your ideal next role
  • Discover ways to connect you with your target companies and contacts so that your resume goes straight to the top of the pile

Rebuild – Month 3

  • Strategize to get you networking like a boss—you know this is how 80% of jobs are landed!
  • Coach and support you so that you nail your interviews with confidence, polish and personality
  • Hone your message and your questions so that YOU can interview COMPANIES to find out if they have what you want
  • Prepare for negotiations and impactful conversations, working through any confidence, communication or other challenge that arises


  • Either six or twelve 50 minute sessions depending on the program you choose
  • Email Support {I’ll get back to you in 24 hours}
  • Connections with my network where relevant
  • Support from a coach like me who knows where you want to go
  • BONUS: Session with a Resume and LinkedIn Expert along with a Resume and LinkedIn Re-write

In-person sessions are available in Brooklyn and Manhattan.
Video conference sessions are available for clients in all other locations. Program is equally effective in either format.


Schedule a 15 minute Clarity Call to see if this program is right for you!