Rachel is a goddess. I had tried a couple other coaches prior to being introduced to Rachel and, unlike them, she instantly got me. She helped me answer really tough questions and realize things about myself that I never knew were getting in my way so much in terms of finding the right career steps to make me happy. I ended my 3 months of sessions with Rachel feeling energized, hopeful and much more confident.
— Sarah M
Just want to give a big shout out to my Coach, Rachel Garrett whose coaching has been a truly life changing experience. After 17 years in one field and the past three years at home with my now four year old son, Rachel is guiding my transition back to work. There was an ease to our conversation from our first meeting because she just gets it - that at this time in my life (mid 40’s) I am looking for a work life that taps into my creativity and is flexible enough to provide time with my son.

Rachel really listens and gave me assignments that helped me identify what I value and enjoy doing, not just what will bring home a paycheck from an unfulfilling position. And yes, it is possible to do what you love! It’s all about identifying your inner blocks that stop you from reaching your dreams. Rachel’s coaching has helped me identify and knock down the doors that have prevented me from starting my own business. I now see so many paths ahead that I had not thought possible.
— Suzanne G
Rachel is a phenomenal life and career coach. I can honestly say that working with her has made a huge positive impact in my quality of life. When I began meeting with Rachel, I was overwhelmed with self-doubt about myself and the job process. I knew I didn’t want to go back to my old job, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do next. Rachel helped me gain perspective and be proud of my accomplishments. In addition, she also helped me figure out a career path that fits with my passions and qualifications.

Aside from her ability to motivate and encourage, she had a successful career in marketing before becoming a coach, and she truly knows what employers are looking for. She has helped me craft very strong resumes and cover letters that have led to multiple job interviews, and she has provided excellent interview coaching. On a personal level, Rachel has helped me to figure out how I’ve been holding myself back, and she has given me tools I can use daily to help me shed my self-doubt and negativity and enjoy my life. Rachel is a truly caring and gifted coach; she has helped me find the peace and wellbeing I’ve been searching for, and I am very grateful.
— Lina M
Some people have a calling and coaching is Rachel’s. During our time together, she has given me incredibly useful guidance relating to both my professional and personal life. Rachel doesn’t just listen, she absorbs. She doesn’t give advice, she offers life-altering insight. Rachel’s wisdom is well-earned. She experienced great loss at an early age but has turned that hardship into something extraordinary. Rachel is truly one of the wisest people I know and the guidance she’s given me has been the gift of a lifetime.
— Emily P.
Rachel helped me more clearly see the big picture of my life along with the small details hampering my way so I could set goals and take active steps toward achieving them. Rachel is amazingly intuitive and smart as well as deeply empathetic and sincere, and helps you put together a practical roadmap for bringing positive change to your life and holds you accountable to it.
— Patricia