Rachel is truly gifted at what she does. I met with Rachel a number of times, periodically, during a year of work-life transition. At the beginning of our work together, I was about to make some big changes, but hadn’t yet figured out what my next phase would look like. In a concrete way, Rachel helped me think deeply and critically about what my values are (not just what I think they should be), the balance I strive for, and what my true non-negotiables are for my work-life. I have revisited these numerous times since; having put in the time to really think about and discuss them with Rachel has helped me approach opportunities with a clear-eyed sense of what I want and need that I did not have before. Beyond the concrete, Rachel brings an authentic and optimistic approach to helping people examine and work through the things that get and keep us stuck. I recommend her wholeheartedly.
— Lauren P, Social Worker and mom to two boys
Rachel was a godsend when I came to work with her after years at a job that no longer felt challenging or fulfilling. But even though I was unhappy, the level of work-life balance I had was pretty great, which made it harder for me to think about leaving. I had a clear idea of another direction I wanted to pursue as a freelancer, and Rachel helped me strategize small, achievable steps that I could take week by week, often wedged into my work day, that would help me get there. By the time I did finally decide to leave my job, it was in large part because Rachel helped me gain confidence in my abilities, awareness that getting to the big goal is really about small steps, strategies to stay on track with my projects, and mostly, the resolve to sideline the voices in my head that tell me I can’t do it (especially the one that says I’m too old. Screw that!)
— Jennifer, Journalist
Rachel Garrett is an absolute pleasure to work with – I could not recommend her more highly! I contacted Rachel in the midst of dealing with a deeply dysfunctional work environment for her advice on how best to cope, and also what my next steps should be. She not only helped give me perspective to allow me to eventually leave the work situation, but also encouraged and emboldened me to pursue my next exciting career move. Her warmth, intelligence, expertise, empathy, and incredible listening skills make her an excellent career coach. I truly needed a thoughtful, impartial, and enlightened person to guide me through a very difficult situation – and Rachel was the absolute perfect choice for that journey! She is also a working parent’s dream – flexible, understanding, and can give good parenting tips/advice as well! She also is a great networker and connector – something I deeply value – and is happy to connect her clients to others for personal or professional reasons, which is a great added benefit. She helped my new business partner and I find a strategic planning coach to help us begin our new non-profit, and also recommended a great family photographer for me and my family. Working with Rachel, you feel you have not only an advocate, but someone who really can empathize with your situation and be with you every step of the way.
— Melissa B, Public Interest Attorney and mom to two boys
Rachel is a goddess. I had tried a couple other coaches prior to being introduced to Rachel and, unlike them, she instantly got me. She helped me answer really tough questions and realize things about myself that I never knew were getting in my way so much in terms of finding the right career steps to make me happy. I ended my 3 months of sessions with Rachel feeling energized, hopeful and much more confident.
— Sarah M, Marketing Consultant and mom to two boys
Just want to give a big shout out to my Coach, Rachel Garrett whose coaching has been a truly life changing experience. After 17 years in one field and the past three years at home with my now four year old son, Rachel is guiding my transition back to work. There was an ease to our conversation from our first meeting because she just gets it - that at this time in my life (mid 40’s) I am looking for a work life that taps into my creativity and is flexible enough to provide time with my son.

Rachel really listens and gave me assignments that helped me identify what I value and enjoy doing, not just what will bring home a paycheck from an unfulfilling position. And yes, it is possible to do what you love! It’s all about identifying your inner blocks that stop you from reaching your dreams. Rachel’s coaching has helped me identify and knock down the doors that have prevented me from starting my own business. I now see so many paths ahead that I had not thought possible.
— Suzanne G, Training Consultant and mom to one son and one adorable dog
Rachel is a phenomenal life and career coach. I can honestly say that working with her has made a huge positive impact in my quality of life. When I began meeting with Rachel, I was overwhelmed with self-doubt about myself and the job process. I knew I didn’t want to go back to my old job, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do next. Rachel helped me gain perspective and be proud of my accomplishments. In addition, she also helped me figure out a career path that fits with my passions and qualifications.

Aside from her ability to motivate and encourage, she had a successful career in marketing before becoming a coach, and she truly knows what employers are looking for. She has helped me craft very strong resumes and cover letters that have led to multiple job interviews, and she has provided excellent interview coaching. On a personal level, Rachel has helped me to figure out how I’ve been holding myself back, and she has given me tools I can use daily to help me shed my self-doubt and negativity and enjoy my life. Rachel is a truly caring and gifted coach; she has helped me find the peace and wellbeing I’ve been searching for, and I am very grateful.
— Lina M, Publishing Professional and mom to two daughters